Preparing to Arrive

What Do I Need to Bring?

Make sure you bring all of your cables for your electronic devices, but remember that Sri Lanka’s electrical socket may be different to what you use at home. You can buy adaptors for your devices at the airport and various stores.

It is important before you leave home that you make sure all of your medical prescriptions are up to date, including things like reading glasses and any medication you may need. It may be cheaper for you to do this before you leave your home country rather than in Sri Lanka, but remember to travel with a doctor’s prescription listing your name, to show the medicines are for your personal use.

If you forget anything or cannot fit it in your suitcase, you can buy everything else when you arrive. Shopping centres and convenience stores are located all around Sri Lanka, so you will be able to find one that is conveniently located to you.

Another handy tip is to download all the transport apps you may need (eg. Uber, PickMe) for a stress free journey to your accommodation.

Here's a quick checklist of essentials:

  • Electronic devices including chargers
  • Climate appropriate clothing
  • Important documents e.g. visa