Payment Options

Choose Your Payment Option

The various payment options accepted by ECU Sri Lanka Campus are listed below.

This is our preferred method for International students and is the most secured method enabling us to receive your payment in Sri Lankan Rupees.


Account Number: 013410004199

Account Name: Australian College of Business &Technology (Pvt) Ltd

Bank Name: Sampath Bank

Bank Address: Ground Floor, Platinum Residencies 

Building, No. 01, Bagatale Road, Colombo 03, 00300,  Sri Lanka

BSB Number: 7278 Branch Code: 134

Swift Code: BSAMLKLX

Fees should be paid directly to any branch of Sampth Bank PLC using the following procedure.

  1. Obtain a Sampath Bank Student deposit slip from the Reception/Finance Dept/Marketing Counsellors at ECU Sri Lanka or from any Sampath Bank Branch.     
  2. Make payment to any Sampath Bank Branch. It is essential to indicate the following information to identify your payment.
  • Name of Account Holder/Institution: ACBT
  • Account No: 0134-1000-4199
  • Student’s name: Sally Sample
  • ECU Sri Lanka Student ID number: 78000000

ECU Sri Lanka Campus accepts payment through credit card, either in person or online. An administration fee of 3% will be levied on all payments made by credit card.

Students could make a direct deposit to Sampath Bank. Please find bank details above in the TT payment method.

ECU Sri Lanka Campus accepts payment through cash. Please retain the receipt of payment for future reference.

Important Information

Program fees include:

  • Tuition (half of the fees for the first course is payable on enrolment. Subsequent study period fees are payable two weeks before the start of each study period)

  • Orientation program

  • Access to library

  • Assistance from Counsellor and Student Advisor if necessary

Program fees do not include:

  • Books and stationery

  • Accommodation

  • Meals and Transport

  • Airfares

  • Visa processing fee

  • Uniforms and equipment for science students

NOTE: ECU Sri Lanka Campus conducts 3 trimesters per calendar year for both Undergraduate and Pathway Programs. 

Undergraduate programs can be completed in approximately 6 trimesters when taking 4 units per trimester and pathway programs, Diploma and Foundation can be completed in 2 trimesters per program when taking 4 units per trimester.


1. Fees

1.1 A full time study load in a Undergraduate and Pathway course is equivalent to four units.

1.2 Tuition fees (50%), charges and accounts are payable in advance of each trimester; and students are not permitted to commence a Study Period until all outstanding fees, charges and penalties issued by ECU Sri Lanka Campus are settled.

1.3 The total tuition fees stated in an Offer Letter are indicative only and are based on a full time study load for one Study Period. The final tuition fees incurred may vary depending on unit selections, study load and promptness of payment. Students will receive a credit to their account where the incurred tuition fees are less than the amount paid in advance. The credit will remain for the following Study Period if the student has not enrolled on a full time study load.

1.4 ECU Sri Lanka Campus has the right to increase course or tuition fees and charges from time-to-time without notice. For more information on tuition fees refer to the ECU Sri Lanka Campus website at:

1.5 Students enrolling in a second or subsequent study period at ECU Sri Lanka Campus will be notified of the date by which payment and their enrolment must be completed. Failure to pay by the notified date may incur late penalty fees.

1.6 Should it be necessary for a student to repeat a unit, the full amount will be charged.

2. Payment deadlines

2.1 Unless determined otherwise, the due dates for payment of all fees payable are available in the payment plan given to all students at the point of registration completion.