Bachelor of Commerce

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3 years


February, July & November


ECU Sri Lanka Campus




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Course Overview

The Bachelor of Commerce offers majors in International Business and Management, all created in consultation with industry professionals.

This course equips students with the theory, practical experience and transferable employability skills, including leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, communication and problem-solving, required to succeed in a wide range of business careers. The majors available to study are created in consultation with industry. Students benefit from relevant and internationally credible course content that provides a broad range of career options after graduating.

Graduate world-ready to succeed in a variety of complex, competitive and dynamic global business environments.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Access, analyse and critically evaluate relevant information to solve challenging business problems systematically.
  • Apply broad discipline knowledge to a range of business situations, incorporating international/global/cultural perspectives.
  • Collaborate effectively in team settings to produce measurable outcomes.
  • Communicate business knowledge, concepts and advice persuasively and clearly in both written and oral formats, using relevant technology.
  • Generate creative ideas for business innovations that respond to opportunities and constant change.
  • Reflect on feedback and critique one's own performance in order to identify and plan opportunities for development.
  • Value professional behaviours and/or personal citizenship that reflect an appreciation of the interrelationship between business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Employment Opportunities

The Bachelor of Commerce prepares students for a diverse range of business-related careers. Students graduate with an evidence-based career e-portfolio along with a situated learning experience and learn how to apply the theoretical concepts studied in a practical and real world setting.

Possible Future Job Titles

  • Business Development Manager
  • International Business Consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • Trade Manager
  • Administration Manager
  • Operations/Production Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Foreign Affairs and Trade Officer

Course Structure

Core Units

  • SBL1100             Foundations of Business
  • SBL1200            Accounting and Finance Essentials
  • SBL1300            Business Environments & Markets
  • SBL1400            Introduction to Business Analytics
  • SBL1500            Ethics and Responsibility in Business
  • SBL1800            Work and Career
  • SBL 2800          Professional Engagement and planning
  • SBL 3800          Professional Practice
  • ACC1100             Accounting I 
  • ECF1110              Economics I
  • SBL1600            Business Identity and Protocols
  • SBL3500            Integrated Business Application

This major is recommended for students wishing to enhance their knowledge and focus their studies toward a career in management. It is relevant for all line managers, and professionals aspiring to managerial positions.

The major develops students’ theoretical and practical understanding of organisational behaviour, leadership, general management, strategic management, human resource management and sustainability, as well as providing the transferable employability skills of critical thinking, teamwork, communication and problem-solving, sought by graduate employers, to open doors to a wide range of career options.

Unit options in this major*:

  • MAN1100           Management
  • MAN2120          Organisational Behaviour
  • MAN2145          Human Resource Management
  • SBL2100            Cultural Business Intelligence
  • MAN2610          Managing for Sustainability
  • MAN3315           Negotiation
  • MAN3503          Strategic Management
  • MAN3121            Leadership

This major is recommended for students wishing to enhance their knowledge and focus their studies toward a career in international business. It is relevant for all internationally focused business professionals who aspire to succeed in modern global organisations.

The major develops students' theoretical and practical understanding of cultural differences, business relationships, foreign direct investment, human resource management, strategy, and negotiation to prepare our graduates for the complex, competitive and dynamic global business environment.

Alongside content-specific knowledge, students gain valuable employability skills including critical thinking, teamwork, cultural intelligence, problem solving and effective communication.

Unit options in this major*:

  • MAN1100             Management
  • INB2102               International Business
  • SBL2100               Cultural Business Intelligence
  • MAN3246            International Human Resource Management
  • MAN3315             Negotiation
  • INB3303              Global Trade
  • MAN3503            Strategic Management
  • INB3202               International Business Project

This major provides the skills and knowledge required for a career in customer, product, brand and revenue management. The focus of marketing is to create value for an organisation, its customers, its partners, and society at large. Marketers research the needs of customers, bring products to market, manage channel partners and manage customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This major equips students with the skills, theory, and practical experience to audit a market, identify opportunities, and create, implement and manage a marketing plan. It also explores marketing at a local, national and international level. Students gain transferable employability skills, including

leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and effective communication, to give them career flexibility and access to global opportunities.

Unit options in this major :

  • MKT1600 Marketing Principles & Practices
  • MKT2605 Promotional Marketing
  • MKT2608 Consumer Behaviour
  • MKT2700 Retail Marketing
  • MKT 2805 Social Media Marketing
  • MKT3600 New Product Development
  • MKT 3820 Marketing Analytics
  • MKT3601 Marketing Strategy

*Please note these units are subject to change and should be used as an overview. Unit availability may differ upon each intake.

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Course Code: W23